Dear Aggie,

I’m writing to you because I really hate my life at the moment. I can hardly see my father and he’s never around! It’s like I don’t even have one. My mother died when I was younger and I just want my father to be there for me sometimes. My father is just way to busy, it’s as if I don’t even have a family and that just his ‘minions’ look after me. My father has only said “I love you” to me when he is on tv, but that’s a lie. He has never said that he loves me! Some people think that I’m a spoilt brat and by you reading this you will probably think I am. Recently, I got into a bit of trouble and I crashed my car. I was in massive trouble. For my 18th birthday I was meant to receive 25 million bucks, and of course because I smashed my car I’m not allowed it anymore because my father said so! Instead, to earn my trust back and to get my 25 million bucks back, I have to work for 52 weeks and I have to complete 52 jobs argh! There not the nicest jobs either, I have to be a maid and work at the service station and I have to do all this other crap, like come on!! It’s just not fair, I’m 18 for god sakes!!!!!!

Please help me to get out of this situation.

Love Lexington xx

Dear Lexington,

First off, are you the one that is never making time to see or talk to your father? maybe that’s why you never see him and you’re equally there to both take the blame. Although, if your not and your always trying to make time to see/talk to him, maybe it’s best if you approach him and tell him how you’re feeling; remember he is your father and not some stranger! That is the easiest way to fix problems!! Now about your other problem, 25 million dollars is a lot of money isn’t it? So, what I would suggest is that you talk to your father but that probably won’t work because he has lost his trust in you, but you can always give it a go! If that doesn’t work, you should persist through the 52 weeks so you can get that money back!! -That’s what I would do. Although, to persist you need to stay positive and that may be a bit challenging as your not used to what your going to have to do. Just think of this, think of all the people around the world that have to work because they have nothing. Unlike you, you do have it all, so think your self grateful and you should take these chances when you can get them. You will thank me when your older!!

Also…. reading this letter it sounds like you’re stressed. If you’re feeling stressed about what you are going through, meditation does help. You can get meditation apps on your phone. I use them and they do help.

I hope this has helped..

Love Aggie xx

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