Reflection 1

Wow these first few 13 chapters have been great!! Lexington is such a spoilt brat!! 52 reasons to hate my father is such an intriguing book I just couldn’t put it down. I am enjoying it so much, I reckon I could of read even more of the book than I was meant to, and that’s not like me!!  What we have read so far has been hectic, Lexington Larrabee is in so much trouble!!
Lexington got into a car crash because she was drinking and her father wasn’t to happy. On her 18th birthday she was meant to receive 25 million dollars but because she got into trouble she wasn’t allowed it anymore. Lexington was not happy about that at all, she was going crazy!! I don’t want to tell you anymore what’s happened so far, because I’m going to spoil it for you!!
Let’s talk about the characters, the characters in the book have painted a real good picture in my mind. The three favourite characters in the book so far are, Lexington, Lexington’s father and Bruce. Lexington’s father is a real hard working man that has put so much effort into what he has achieved today. There billionaires, but Lexington takes it for granted. Lexington I guess,  is a spoilt brat she gets what she wants when she wants it, she’s living the dream!! Bruce, there lawyer looks after Lexington because Lexington doesn’t see much of her father.
I predict in the next few chapters we have to read, that Lexington will struggle to complete her first job. I can not wait to read the next few chapters!!!!!!!

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