Reflection 2

Golly golly gosh!!!! I love this book!! This book just keeps on getting better and better!!  Lexington is still a spoilt brat but I am warming up to her, the more I read the less she is becoming a spoilt brat. The chapters that we have just read were very enjoyable. Lexington thought that she could get out of doing one of her jobs by bribing the manager of the shop 10 thousand dollars and it did work…….until Luke found out because he put a GPS in her phone!

Luke…Luke, Luke what can I say I feel like the more jobs Lexington is doing the closer Luke and her are getting, and I have a prediction. My prediction is that they are going to end up together. Luke is just meant to be supervising Lexington so she does her 52 jobs and he’s aspiring to become just like Lexington’s father, Richard.

Richard Larrabee is going to be marrying a “29 year old wannabe” as Lexington says, and Lexington isn’t pleased, as this is going to be his fathers 6th wedding.. woah!! The more she thinks about this the more she is thinking about her mother. Lexington is starting to second guess her mother as she feels as if everything is just a lie and she is just being told what the publicity say.

I better stop telling you the whole story so far!!!! Anyways these chapters have been great so far and I cant wait to read the next section of the book!

My new favourite character in the book has to be Luke! I like him because the more you read the more you find out about him and he’s just a normal genuine person.

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