Reflection 3

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!! Luke and Lexington kissed!! This one chapter I felt like I was there, it was definitely a nail biter! The only problem was Lexington was drunk…. Later through out the chapters we had to read, you can tell that Lexington is developing feelings for Luke because she gets jealous, I don’t want to say too much but she gets jealous because there is a another girl, but not for long….. 

Lexington is officially not a spoilt brat anymore, I cant believe it!! Lexington is actually making fun out of the jobs she has to do it’s insane, I would of never thought that would happen. Lexington becomes friends with one of the workers at a Mexican fast food store, his name is Rolando. Rolando from day one of Lexington’s new job he could tell that it was Lexington Larrabee, and not some other employee. The reason being is that lexington can’t be Lexington Larrabee when she’s doing these 52 jobs because she has to be in a disguise so the publicity doesn’t find out. Although later on in the chapters we had to read Lexington’s disguise doesn’t last for long… 

My favourite character in this section would have to be Rolando, he’s so down to earth and it was great how he was teaching Lexington a valuable lesson. Rolando’s life compared to Lexington’s life is soooo different. He has a run downed home in not a safe community where his full time job is working at a Mexican fast food store, and he can’t pursue he’s dream job yet. On the other hand, Lexington is living her dream, she doesn’t have to work, she gets what she wants and her house is a mansion. Lexington learns a lot from Rolando and I think the more she listens to him the more normal she is getting. 

I can’t believe we have nearly finished the book and next week is our last week reading the book!!! I predict for the next how ever many chapters that we had to read, that Lexington will find out the truth about her mother and that Lexington and Luke will actually become a couple and they will tell each other how they feel. 

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