Reflection 4

I’m going to give you three words about this book, BEST BOOK EVER. What can I say, I enjoyed this book more than I think I would of. It was such an exciting, romantic, funny, book and I would love to see this book as a film it would be amazing. This book reminded me of all the American reality TV shows. This book also gave me a good insight on how celebrities might act, feel or the way they might get treated, and all the behind the scenes effort that gets put in to make them billionaires.

These last chapters we had to read were amazing each chapter was painting a really good picture in my mind. I read these last chapters in one sitting, it was that good! Lexington Larabee got back together with her old boyfriend Mendi, I couldn’t believe it because I would have thought she was going to end up with Luke….. Until lexington told Mendi it wasn’t going to work, which was so good because I wanted Luke and Lexington together anyways!! – by the way, they did end up happily together.

Lexington finally found out the truth about her mother and it was nothing that I would of thought, I thought she may of had an affair or something which lead Richard Larabee to be really upset after she had died. Not at all, she was an alcoholic and the more Richard was working the worse she was getting. I don’t want to spoil too much but lets just say, it all links up why Richard made her daughter Lexington, to do 52 jobs. This is how it all links up, it links up because the mother was an alcoholic and her rehab wasn’t working so she was getting worse. When Lexington had the car crash at the start of the book it was because she was drunk and that’s how her mother died. There fore, Richard made these 52 jobs as a “rehab” type of thing for Lexington so she would learn her lesson and Richard wouldn’t loose her, like he lost his wife. When I was reading that part in the book, I thought that was so sweet and so smart. So practically even though Lexington and her father Richard never saw each other, he was always by her side but she just couldn’t see it.

Oh and how could I not forget!! Richard gave the trust fund back to Lexington even though she did’t complete all the 52 jobs, but she still wanted to complete them all and she told him to hold on to the the trust fund for another 32 weeks then she will have it!

The last chapter was sooooooo good, Richard quit his job as the CEO of Larrabee Media so he could spend more time with his family and he now doesn’t have to worry about it all. Once he did that his fiancé dumped him! Although, Richard didn’t really care. My favourite character out of the whole book would now have to be Richard because, he worked so hard for his family and strived into something great as he started from very little. He pursued his dreams and took care of his family. When the mother died he kind of fell into a little whole and reading the book I was so curious to find out why he was so quiet and why he wasn’t being a great father to his children. Now reading all of the book it all makes sense and Richard Larrabee now has a good side to him where he is now a loving and caring father, who is also going to spend more time with his family.

52 reasons to hate my father should definitely be a keeper for Lit Circles. I’m saying this because the books we had to choose out of, many of them were about death, crime or sad stuff that I wasn’t really interested in, and for a fact next year there is probably someone just like me (well hopefully) that isn’t interested into those types of books and there more into the happier types of books. Other than that this is such a great read and the girls will defiantly enjoy this.

Lit circles this year has been fun, the activities were good and I like how we can choose what activities we want to do. The blog idea was a little different and it took a bit to work out how to work the blog, but then I got the hang of it and it was fine. Personally I prefer using just the e-portfolios just because we probably won’t use this blog again and the e-portfolios were easier to manage.

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